Great Basin Anthropological Conference
Reno, Nevada – October 6-9, 2016

The theme for the 2016 GBAC meeting is Featured Landscapes. This Theme touches upon a long-standing paradigm within North American archaeology which recognizes that the cultural patterns preserved in individual sites can best be interpreted when they are seen as part of much larger space or territories utilized by past peoples. In the Great Basin, where food and other raw material resources are often spread widely across the landscape, and in the case of food resources usually become available and locally abundant in specific places at specific times of the year, an understanding of human use of an area at a landscape or regional scale becomes imperative. In addition, the matrix that archaeologists find habitation sites and artifacts preserved within, or their geoarchaeological context, can also be studied at both site-specific and regional/landscape scales. This also applies to the paleoecological remains studied in order to provide critical information on changing climatic patterns – something that past peoples had to cope and locally adapt to, just as we are forced to do today.

The 2016 GBAC will open Thursday morning, October 7, with a Plenary Session between 8am – 1pm that focuses on this Theme: Featured Landscapes. Be sure to catch the diverse papers presented in this symposium by a diverse set of scholars working at landscape scales. It is sure to be a great way to kick off the symposia, papers, and posters that begin Thursday afternoon between 1pm – 5pm, and continue through Saturday at 5pm.

I hope you enjoy the new GBAA/GBAC website. Many thanks to Shannon Hataway of Tangerine Design (Carson City, Nevada) for designing and getting our new website up and running! I think it looks fantastic.

I have put together a list of eateries, brewpubs, and bars located within the Downtown and Midtown Districts to assist those who may be visiting Reno for the first time; or, if you have not visited Reno for several years, I think you will find the changes in the number of local restaurants and bars somewhat amazing. I have not tried all of the eateries and bars listed below since moving back to Reno in 2010, but I’m working on it!

See you In Reno!

Bryan Hockett, Chair
2016 GBAC

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