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Due to the postponement of GBAC registration and the down payments already paid for conference facilities, the GBAA welcomes your donations. To support the GBAA, its initiatives and the ongoing maintenance of our website, please consider a small donation to help keep the GBAA solvent and healthy through this unprecedented crisis.

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MISSION STATEMENT: The Great Basin Anthropological Association (GBAA) promotes the study of the peoples and cultures of the Great Basin of the western United States and its relationship to adjacent regions.

The Association serves:

  • As the coordinator of the biennial Great Basin Anthroplogical Conference (GBAC);
  • To enhance communication within the anthropological community in the Great Basin and with the greater anthropological community;
  • To exchange ideas to help promote teaching, research and service in the area of Great Basin anthropology;
  • To improve communication among individual practitioners whether they work in government service, the private sector, education, or other organizations; and
  • To review and make recommendations on government policies, regulations, and laws deemed to be in accord with the subject matter of the Association.

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