Become a GBAA Member

On July 1, 2022, the GBAA board voted unanimously to institute biennial membership dues as described in the bylaws of the GBAA. They did so in order to ensure the continued fiscal well-being of the GBAA and the biennial GBAC meetings. 

Please login to purchase your Membership and support the GBAA. Here’s How:

Membership Rates:

Dues are to be paid no later than August 31 on every even-numbered year.  We will send reminders as this date approaches.  We will also maintain a membership database to make sure your discount is applied to future GBAC registration fees.

Native American/Student Membership: If you are actively enrolled as a student or identify as Native American, please pay the $25 membership rate.  No need to provide documentation – we work on the honor system.

Members receive a discounted rate for the biennial GBAC.

We are also more than happy to accept donations.  These help keep the website up and updated and help cover expenses associated with setting up and running the GBAC.  You can donate here:

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