Featured: Tradition, Teaching, and Technology: Papers in Honor of Dan Stueber

Today’s featured symposium is “Tradition, Teaching, and Technology: Papers in Honor of Dan Stueber.” Dan’s career as an archaeologist spans four decades and has been marked by a devotion to understanding flintknapping and lithic technology. During that time, Dan has freely shared his extensive knowledge with both the professional and avocational communities, students, and Tribal members. Today, he is a leading researcher of the Western Stemmed Tradition (WST) in the American West and is working concurrently on several significant late Pleistocene and early Holocene sites in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah. He is also firmly committed to collaboration with Tribal nations and works to share his knowledge with Indigenous communities. Finally, Dan has played an important role in the lives of countless students and professional researchers who share his passion for lithic technology. Papers in this symposium honor Dan by focusing on projects in which he has played an integral role or helped shape through his mentorship of researchers who will continue his legacy for decades to come.

We would also like to recognize two organizations who have sponsored the GBAC at the Mojave Level, Great Basin Consulting Group and HRA, Inc.

Great Basin Consulting Group, LLC

Great Basin Consulting Group, LLC, is a cultural resource consulting business with 40 years of experience in the Great Basin, California, and the Northwest. Located in Carson City, Nevada, they provide Cultural Resource Management Consulting services to the public and private sectors. They specialize in the use of advanced technologies and consulting services to solve resource management and planning problems. Their staff conducts archaeological inventory and monitoring, create maps, and perform specialized studies. Great Basin Consulting Group provides consultation for historic and prehistoric archaeology, historic architecture, paleontology, and preparation of programmatic agreements. To learn more, please visit: https://www.greatbasingroup.com/index.html

hra conservation archaeology

HRA, Inc., Conservation Archaeology is a privately held, woman-owned small business that was established in 1997 to serve the cultural resource needs of clients in the Great Basin and Southwestern U.S. HRA’s team of archaeologists and historians provide cultural resource services that include archaeological inventories, resource evaluations, test excavations, data recovery, monitoring, and stabilization. HRA’s staff is fully familiar with state and federal policies and procedures, including those relating to NEPA and federal Section 106 Compliance. HRA’s most senior and qualified archaeologists perform fieldwork tasks and prepare significance recommendations, ensuring that clients receive timely and professionally sound assessments of a project’s effect on cultural resources. To learn more, please visit https://hraarchaeology.com/

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